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LCHF - the way to a better life


One of the biggest industrys in the entire world is the weightloss industry.
In this article I will give you who wonder ”how to make it”, some ideas.

I have since I was a young kid always been quite fit, in later years, when getting older, the body also feel the age.
This is a normal procedure from the nature.

But certainly, the human being can slow this process by itself.
When getting older, the burning of fat is being reduced.
The consequences of this is that the individuals are getting more fat, some are even getting really fat. Even if they never have been that in their past.

Most of people want to get rythm of this fat.
I have always been living healthy. I have had a lot of focus on what and how I`m eating.
I love food, and I love to prepare it and eat it.

But even I realized that the fat was coming, and at last I saw that it was to much of it actually.
I didn`t understand anything. I  was training and doing exercises 4-6 days a week, but still I was gaining weight, and fat also.
But at last I realized what was wrong.
I was eating to much carbohydrates.

We have been raised to eat carbohydrates, and to avoid fat.
That`s wrong!
How often have you been scared of reading about colesterol?
Colesterol is a necesarry part of your nutrition. It`s how the rest of your nutrition is which is important.
The colesterol is defending your veins and blood against cancer and other diseases.

To use myself as an example. I was having a huge weightloss the first weeks and months after I started with LCHF nutrition.
I reduced dramatically on the carbohydrates, but not cut it totally.
The liver and the kidney still need some carbos.

But nowadays I`m eating more proteins and fat, than carbohydrates.
And I am still eating a lot, I`m never hungry.
And I`m still enjoying the food a lot, maybe even more.
The bloodsugar is much much more stabil, and I`m not any more desperate of hunger.

And my weight?
Well, in 3,5 months I reduced my weight with 25 kg!
This was combined with training as well certainly, but not the first 3-4 weeks after I started this diet. Then I had no energy until the body got used to get ketogenic energy, instead of taking the energy from the glucose.
But after this, suuper!
Can reccomend it.

And the best of all, even I reduced my weight I was not losing my muscles. I`m a man, I like to have some muscles certainly.

You are now maybe wonder what I`m eating?
Well, I`m eating a lot.
Both meat, fish, all vegetables that are growing over the earth, egg, bacon, sausages, beans, sauces, cheese, butter, cream, natural youghurte, cottage cheese, pure chili, among others.

I`m not eating any bread, not potatoes, pasta, rice, ice-cream,, fruits, and not drinking any beer (liquid bread).
Avoiding all kind of food prepared of flour.
Avoiding all kind of white sugar, and all kind of sugar drinks.
I was expecting this to be a sacrifice, but it`s not.

I`m a chocolate-lover. Therefore I`m sometimes preparing chocolate-mousse. It`s important to feel well. But when I`m preparing it myself I can make it with a high amount of the healthy cacao-bean. And not using sugar!
If I`m using sugar I use the natural brazilian raw-sugar, rapadora.

I`m a red wine lover as well, and I`m still enjoying a glass or two of delicious red wine.

Like everything else in everyones life, the most important matter is how you`re doing in your head.
That`s why it`s allright if you just now and then want to have a taste what you have reduced in your nutrition. Especially if you miss it.
So just live your life and enjoy it, the most important matter is that you have changed something to the better.

Certainly I don`t think I will not ever eat bread, or never more drink beer. But at this moment I haven`t tasted these two ingredients for almost a year.
Maybe I will have a taste of it when I`m returning to Europe this summer, but not every day!

I`m preparing most of my food myself, industrialized half-prepared products is not any good.
The food is tasting better, and is more healthy when you prepare it yourself.

Later on I will present some LCHF receipts wich I prepare on my food site.

But below you will find two articles about LCHF.
Those describe quite well what this is all about.

The first article is from, and the next one is written by Laura Magearanu on the site

Hugs from Senhor Randy

The LCHF - Ketogenic Low Carb Diet What is LCHF?
Some of your favorite diets are ketogenic diets. These diets specialize in burning fat by converting your bodily system from working off of glucose as fuel to working off of ketones. This is achieved by eating a diet that is rich in proteins and fats. Carbohydrate consumption is almost entirely cut out of your diet. This diet is not for everyone and you should speak to a nutritionist before switching over to a ketogenic diet.

Who Do Ketogenic Diets Benefit?
A ketogenic diet can benefit anyone who is looking to lose weight. Another perk of being on a ketogenic diet is that is can help to treat people who suffer from epileptic episodes by lowering their carbohydrate intake. Also, this type of diet is common for body builders to use when they need to burn as much fat as possible without losing their muscle mass.

What To Look Out For in a Ketogenic Diet
This diet has become popularized because of successful weight loss and how it is portrayed in the media. Nevertheless, it is always recommended that you visit a nutritionist to see if this diet is healthy and right for you since it is not always suitable for every dieter. The body needs a certain level of carbohydrates. The kidney and the liver are the two organs that are most affected when cutting out carbs from your diet.

Common Side Effects of a Ketogenic Diet
One common side effect of going on a ketogenic diet is becoming lethargic for a few weeks. Since the body has been accustomed to burning off glucose, without the consumption of carbohydrates the body feels run down and strained as it switches to a ketosis state. After about a month or so the body will recuperate its energy and begin to run off of ketones which will help you to burn more fat.

What is LCHF
An LCHF diet stands for a ‘low carb high fat’ diet. If your eyebrows have already started to rise as a result of hearing ‘high fat’ next to ‘diet’, we should tell you that it is, indeed, possible to lose weight even if you eat more fat, with the condition that you limit your foods to those low in carbs.

Is an LCHF diet healthy?
Many people think, and they are not entirely wrong, that eating fat foods equals obesity, yet, we need an intake of fat in our daily meals, in order to preserve our health. Fat foods, eaten in excess, cause many health problems, but there is a way to include such foods in the menu, without those nasty consequences, and that is the LCHF diet. Basically, this diet limits the intake of foods high in carbohydrates, such as bread and pasta, while increasing the importance of proteins and fats, like meat and soy products. An interesting fact about the LCHF diet is that is considered to be a great ally, not only in fighting obesity, but also diabetes, and epilepsy, although, such proofs are yet limited.

Controlling carbs
The intake of carbs is very much reduced in an LCHF diet. A person following such a diet needs to cut their daily intake of carbs to 20 to 60 g per day, and the intake of carbs must be less than 20% of the daily caloric amount. In order to control the intake of carbs, you need to supervise all the foods that come your way. Obviously, you must keep away from starchy and sugary foods, and eat only wholegrain bread. What is lost through the reduction of carbs will be compensated by foods rich in protein and fat.

Controlling fats
An LCHF diet is based on the consumption of fat rather than carbs, but you should also be aware that there is a limit here, too. Make sure that your daily caloric intake does not rise above the recommended level. Imagine your caloric amount for the day as a container that does not changes its size, only its composition. The intake of fat you will be eating must just compensate for the low carbs, so do not overdo it. There is a positive aspect, however: you will be able to cut down your calories just by cutting down some fat, and it may prove even easier in the event that you want to follow a more restrictive diet.

Allowed foods
You will be able to eat various healthy foods, even if you follow an LCHF diet. Here is a short list of allowed foods when going on a low carb high fat diet:

-vegetables low in starch: beans, lettuce, spinach, parsley, celery, cabbage
-fruits low in sugar: lemon, lime, cranberries, blackberries
-soups based on broth
-lean meat (for intake of protein): chicken, salmon
-desserts mostly based on sugar or sugar substitutes

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